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Sniper Guide

Post by Laeda on Sat Apr 30, 2016 9:51 pm

Brief Introduction to Sniper

Snipers are a ranged DPS class, with a strong emphasis on waveclear, strong point defense, and decent crowd control. A class with few defensive options, Snipers tend to fall quickly in battle without adequate support and positioning, but boast strong, consistent damage when those weaknesses are addressed. Upon unlocking Elite Lord, these traits are only emphasized further.
In a party, Snipers generally function as main sources of the party's damage output, dealing consistent output from safe locations, and kiting around the battlefield in order to stay alive. When caught off alone, however, a Sniper is rendered extremely helpless, and thus a keen sense of positioning is key to mastering the Sniper.


The Sniper offers three stances that can be changed any time with the default f4 key. One is for focusing mostly on area based attack, another one is based on dealing large damage to single targets, and the last one allows you to be mobile and fast while firing damage.


This stance holds your shortest range and highest damage output spells. Along with strong crowd control and displacement.
This stance wields Cannon.
While this stance is active, the following stat bonuses are gained:

  • Attack Power increases by 3%
  • Damage Dealt to Bosses increases by 5%


The Rifle stance places emphasis on low-target crowd control, as well as outputting consistent or delayed DPS from a constant position.
This stance uses a Rifle.
While this stance is active, the following stat bonuses are gained:

  • Movement Speed +3%
  • Hit Rate +200


The Bow stance allows far ranged damage and high survivability, also has a great deal of crowd control abilities.
This stance uses a Bow.
While this stance is active, the following stat bonuses are gained:

  • Critical hit success +200
  • Evasion +200

Elite Lord Skill


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