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Assassin Guide

Post by Laeda on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:06 pm

Brief Introduction to Assassin Warrior

Assassin Warrior is one of the five available classes for you to play. It is currently gender locked as a female. This class is great for those that excel at one on one battles as well as boss battles. Speed and illusion are key.


  • This stance slows down and causes damage on multiple enemies, while speeding you up.
  • This stance wields a small one-handed dagger.

  • This stance is a short ranged slower stance, focused around longer casting times and consecutive attacks.
  • This stance uses a pair of Webbed Claws.

  • This stance revolves around stationary gameplay, by placing traps around your location and damaging enemies while keeping them still and close.
  • This stance uses Scythe.

Elite Lord Skill


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