rare gear and eggs

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rare gear and eggs

Post by AppleMousse on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:21 pm

Hi all, if you have rare or gold armor you can't sell and don't want to disassemble, you can put them in the guild warehouse. There are some guidelines though, cause our guild warehouse(s) are filling up faster than ever. And we must be critics at this moment.
1. they have to have at 3 stats
2. if they have sockets, open them. If 3-4, we'll put them in gwh
3. Preferably armor for all classes, since we have stacks upon stacks of weapons already.

U can send the items to:
SoggySunday -> TheWhiteRose -> mats (gold ore and up, tears and jewels)
Prefab -> RubberDucky -> Psy gear
Freckles ->AbusementPark -> Assassin gear
Hysterical -> BunniesOnFire -> BK gear
PieceOfLamb ->PinkElephants ->Sniper gear
Divinity itself will hold ONLY mage gear, please!
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