Divinity Guild rules

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Divinity Guild rules

Post by AppleMousse on Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:23 am

Like any other thing in life, there has to be rules just to make everything in order and make everyone equal.
These rules are mandatory for all players, without exception!
1. We're an international guild, which means everyone has a different language. Please keep the guild chat clean and speak English only, so everyone will understand. If you want to talk your own language with a fellow guild member, either go into a party with them and use party chat or whisper each other.
2. Guild Quests are important to guild level so make sure you do them everytime you're online. The higher the Guild Level - the better skills we get ( more hp, mp, exp, gold, moving speed etc... )
these quests shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
So how do you pick a Guild Quest ?
- Press G -> Press Guild Quests tab -> Pick a Quest.
3. Donating to Guild Fund is a must, since we can't get the Guild Skills without PAYING for them.
I know that some people can't afford donating to Guild Fund before level 40. but after level 40, you get 1g for each Daily Quest you do, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Donating 1-3g everyday will help us get stronger.
So how do you donate to Guild Fund ?
- Press G -> Press "Donate to Guild Fund" at the bottom left.
4. Helping each other can be a good way to bond and get stronger. as the game progresses, more Raid Dungeons are coming out and they require team work and lots of damage dealers!
Please do not hesitate to help your guild members, it will only benefit you in the future.

5. Respect each other. do not make fun of any player in guild. Not everyone is in the same level. We all started at the same point we knew nothing about the game, and with a little help and time we've learnt. Help each-other with tips.
6. Play with Guild members and MIX teams, don't always go with the same team so nobody will feel left out.
7. If you're going away and you know you won't be able to play for a few days / weeks, It's OK. Please let Ayros or AppleMousse know about it, you don't need to mention the reason, but let us know that you won't be online, by either telling us personally or mailing us.

8. If you log in, but don't do guild quests 2 days in a row, you will be kicked from the guild.
These rules are obvious and easy to do. I hope everything is clear.
Have fun guys
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